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What is Web Service?

A web service in simple terminology can be defined as a service offered by an application installed on a particular device or server to another device or client application after communicating with each other through WWW (World Wide Web). Web Services generally uses HTTP or HTTPS protocol over the application layer of a computer network where one application transfer data or send requests as XML or JSON and receives the response which is processed by the client application as a web service irrespective of the underlying software platform, architecture and technology.

Why is Web Service Needed?

In general, software applications are developed to be consumed by human beings, where a person sends a request to a software service which in-turn returns a response in human-readable format. In this Digital Age, there is no more a need to build a software application from scratch, coding component by component. There are lots of readymade services available which you can plug into your application and you can start providing those services in your application. Web services allow us to do several kinds of implementations from already existing services.

What does a Web Service Encompass?

  • Any service which is available on internet or intranet or virtual private network (VPN).
  • A service that uses standard XML message format.
  • A service which is platform independent as well as not restricted to a particular operating system or programming language.
  • A service which can be discovered by simple find mechanism over World Wide Web which is a URL.
  • A service which self-describe through common XML grammar.
  • A service capable of exchanging information via HTTP or HTTPS protocol over the World Wide Web.

What is Web Service Testing?

Web Services Testing is testing of Web services and its Protocols like SOAP & REST. To test a Web service you can

Steps to testing a Web Service.

A standard Web Service Testing involves the following steps –

  • Understand the WSDL file
  • Determine the operations that particular web service provides
  • Determine the XML request format which we need to send
  • Determine the response XML format
  • Using a tool or writing code to send a request and validate the response

Suppose we want to test a Web Service which provides Currency Conversion Facility. It will convert the current conversion rates between the different countries currency. This service we can use in our applications to convert the values from one currency to the other currency. The web service testing is more concentrating on web service request and response, however, one must under that web service and web API testing protocols are different and aren’t exactly the same.

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