How to Integrate Video Analytics into CCTV Surveillance?

CCTV cameras have been a vital part of home security measures. As the rates of theft are increasing, people are using surveillance systems as a solution to prevent burglary and other criminal activities. Though most of the places are protected and not vulnerable, the risk of being attacked is still there. The technology in CCTV systems has come a long way. In the era wherein data can be controlled and stolen by malware, the need to build a security system that is strong enough to protect the data against intruders is important. Video analytics is one such technology that can transform the conventional CCTV systems into an intelligent system that can produce the best results.

What Is Video Analytics

Video Analytics (VA), also called Intelligent Video Surveillance, is a science that uses software to recognize the objects and activities taking place in the video footage. You must have heard about surveillance systems that use biometrics to recognize criminals. You would have seen such systems in movies wherein cops use the tool to recognize people using CCTV software. This software is called Video Analytics. This system is used for intrusion detection and makes use of a program fed into the system, which has an algorithm to detect a certain activity in the CCTV environment. When the action takes place, the security system creates a database of the event. Video Analytics can be used to detect motion, recognize the face and read the license plate, count people in the CCTV environment, and more.

Why Do You Need Video Analytics with Video Surveillance systems?

Video Analytics is a powerful software that can strengthen your security system to a great extent. In the conventional method, there is a person who is constantly monitoring the CCTV footage. It is, indeed, a drawback of the security system. With Video Analytics software, your house or office can be monitored without the need to hire any security guard. The system alerts you when there is an intrusion.

How to Integrate Video Analytics into CCTV Surveillance?

Video analytics software is available in many forms. You can buy a camera with a VA software already installed in it or using an NVR. There are also many third-party VA software available in the market that can be connected to your security system. Every analytics system works differently based on the application and the design. You can also choose the features you need in your camera using the settings menu of the Video Analytics tool.

There are many companies, which design Video Analytics tools. To get the best features, you can buy such which are specialized in manufacturing security systems. The software should be protected against malware to make your security system stronger. Make sure that you choose a software that is compatible with all security systems to avoid problems in the future.

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